With a census-estimated more than 2.6 million residents, Brooklyn is the most populous among the five boroughs of New York City. Named after a Dutch village in the Netherlands, it was a former independent incorporated city until 1898, when it was consolidated with other cities, boroughs and counties to form the modern City of New York

Given the proximity to New York City, and the City’s role as a crossroads for immigration from around the world, the borough has evolved a globally cosmopolitan character of its own, a growing demographic and cultural diversity.

In fact, Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are dynamic in ethnic composition, with residents hailing from every corner of the world, of many backgrounds and cultures, such as Irish, Jewish and Italians among the most prominent. And even though over the past ten-plus years Brooklyn has undergone a massive transformation, the borough wisely knew how to mix the different cultures continuing to maintain a unique and distinctive cultural identity.