Casual Convos is all about showing how native English speakers communicate. Each video is centered around a theme (ex. Plans) and follows the speakers as they chat using a variety of tenses, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, slang, and idiomatic expressions.

Let’s check them out:

Making plans for the weekend…

Follow along as Madison and Cory discuss their weekend plans in New York City and learn real english from these two new yorkers!


Up to

“What are you up to this weekend?”

This is informal and means, “ What are you doing this weekend?”


A: Hey! What are you up to tonight?
B: I’m going to have a dinner party at my apartment.

To come into town

“My cousin is coming into town.”

If someone is, “coming into town”, that means someone is visiting from somewhere else.


A: My dad is coming into town this weekend.

B. Cool! What are you guys going to do?

A: We are gonna go out to dinner and see a jazz show.


“We are gonna go to a concert

“Gonna” is short for “going to” and is often used when speaking. It is not common to write “gonna.”


A: What are you gonna do tonight?
B: I think I’m gonna see a movie.

Looking forward to

“Looking forward to” is used to talk about things you are excited about doing.


“I’m also looking forward to eating arepas.”


Look forward to + gerund (ing)


A: I’m really looking forward to travelling around Europe this summer.
B: That sounds amazing! I wish I could come in your suitcase.

Take it easy

“This weekend I’m going to take it easy.”

To “take it easy” means to relax and refrain from hard work or a lot of activities.


A: What are you up to this weekend?
B: Nothing much, I’m gonna take it easy and just hang out at home.

Hang out

“I’m going to hang out at home.”

To “hang out” means to spend time somewhere or with someone.


A: Do you want to hang out at my place tonight?
B: Sure, I’ll bring over some beer and snacks.